About the Gazelle Bulletin & the Author and Webmaster
About the Gazelle Bulletin & the Author and Webmaster

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Dr. Sc. Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher Khalaf-Sakerfalke von Jaffa (The Author & Webmaster)

Dr. Sc. Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher Khalaf-Sakerfalke von Jaffa is a Palestinian/German Zoologist, Ecologist and Geologist. Born in Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany in 1962. Finished School in Kuwait. Studied Zoology, Geology and Ecology for the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees at the Universities of Kuwait, Durham (England) and Ashwood (USA). Specialised in Animal Behaviour and Ecology. Done a lot of work and research in the Universities of Kuwait, Durham and Saarbrücken; and in the Zoos, Wild Parks and Field Studies in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, England, Scotland, Jersey Island, France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

He is the author and publisher of "Gazelle : The Palestinian Biological Bulletin", the first Palestinian scientific journal worldwide (since 1983); and the author of six books: Gazelle: The Palestinian Biological Bulletin (2004) & Aquatica Arabica (2005) & Mammalia Arabica (2006) & Felidae Arabica (2007) & Carnivora Arabica (2008) & Fauna Palaestina (2009).

He discovered and scientifically named two Palestinian mammal subspecies from the Gaza Strip: The Palestine Golden Jackal (Canis aureus palaestina Khalaf, 2008) and the Gaza or Palestine House Mouse (Mus musculus gazaensis Khalaf, 2007).

He is working now as a free scientific researcher and publisher in the United Arab Emirates. He is married to Ola Khalaf and has one daughter, Nora.

The Story Behind Gazelle

The Story began in 1983 when I was still a student in the Zoology Department at Kuwait University. I was interested in the Animal Life in Arabia, especially in my Homeland Palestine.

I have done a lot of studies and research in the region. So I decided to publish my scientific articles, in a special Bulletin. I called it "Gazelle" (Al-Ghazaal in Arabic), because this beautiful and elegant animal lived in Palestine, and our Holy Land was called "Land of the Gazelle", and for me it represents very nicely all Arabic Animals, and the name "Gazelle" is derived from the Arabic Language. 

"Gazelle: The Palestinian Biological Bulletin" was the First Palestinian Scientific Journal Worlwide (since 1983). I registered the bulletin at the Deutsche Bibliothek in Frankfurt, Germany, under the ISSN 0178-6288. It is an irregular bulletin. Up to date 80 issues were published.

I would like to thank my wife Ola Khalaf which assisted me in this site by adding the beautiful fotos to the articles and helping in all technical matters.

The Flora and Fauna in Palestine
Flora and Fauna in Palestine. by Israel Nature Reserves Authority.

The Palestinian Fishery
An Overview of the Palestinian Fishery


Author & Webmaster of "Gazelle: The Palestinian Biological Bulletin" : Norman Ali Bassam Ali Taher Khalaf-von Jaffa