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Favorite Links
The following is a list of useful Palestinian and Arabic Scientific links that I have compiled.

Frog (Hyla arborea).

Arabic Scientific Sites
Wildlife and Environment in UAE Environmental Research & Wildlife Development Agency.
Wildlife Publications in Saudi Arabia Wildlife Publications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Arabian Wildlife Magazine Arabian Wildlife Magazine Online.
Arab Scientists Encyclopedia of Arab Scientists (in Arabic).

Palestinian Scientific Sites and Jerusalem Zoo
Palestine Ministry of Environment Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Palestinian National Authority.
Palestinian Scientists Abroad Palestinian Scientists and Technologists Abroad (Palesta).
Palestine Wildlife Society Palestine Wildlife Society is working on Research and Awareness in Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity in Palestine.
Marine & Freshwater Bio Diversity in Palestine Marine & Freshwater Bio Diversity in Palestine.
Wildlife in Jebel Abu Ghnaim,Jerusalem Major Wild Plant and Animal species inhabiting Jebel Abu Ghnaim,Jerusalem.
Environment of Palestine under Occupation Environment of Palestine under Occupation,and the Biodiversity in Palestine (in Arabic).
Palestinian Environment The Palestinian Environment between Sociopolitical Change and Occupation,by the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem.
Biodiversity in Palestine The Status of Biodiversity in Palestine.


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